Final Presentation

On August 12th, we had great presentations with our virtual interns –

Dena Zapolch and Jenna Giambalvo (Hoboken Green Map),

: They did an amazing job.

: Hoboken Green Map

Kimberly Elicker (Harlem Green Faith),

: I like her smile.

Boram Park and Hye-Min Kim (Chelsea for Reuse Green Map)

: Trying to open Power Point file.

: Chelsea for Reuse Green Map

– and advisers-

David Kupfer (San Francisco Green Map),

Beth Ferguson (Austin Green Map),

: She’s explaining her work.

Bob Zuber (Spanish Harlem Green Map),

: Created with youth at All Saints RC Church in 1999, many of the “opportunity sites” they discovered have been redeveloped to meet social and community needs

Gottfried Haider (Green Map Volunteer & our photographer),

Té Baybute (Green Map Design Staff),

Wendy Brawer (Founding Director and NYC Green Map).

Janet Wlody (Kenyon College Green Map) and Janella Peters (Brooklyn’s L.E.E.D. to Green) sent us their presentations so we could see their outcomes. Both are linked below. Janella’s is especially detailed and useful!

The virtual interns detailed the mapmaking processes of their Green Maps and showed what they accomplished. The other participants told about their Green Map experiences, and the event was a great exchange. Thank you for all!

Here are links to the Open Green Maps:

Kenyon College Green Map

Brooklyn’s L.E.E.D. to Green

Special thanks to Con Edison for supporting this project, and to Celine Teo Ying Zhen, who coordinated this program’s first 2 months. and to Boram Park who completed this blog.


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