We’ve Reached the Finish Line!

Hello again! Dena and I have completed the Green Map of our school, (Seton Hall University’s), Green! It is entitled ” Seton Hall University’s Trees on the Green: The Other Campus Residents.” The green is central to our campus, complete with many beautiful trees and areas to read, relax, and get to and from classes. We identified these trees, and added information about each one. Our map is a small brochure, with a unique fold-out of a tree! We met with different Ecology professors to ensure the information is correct, and we even joined the Ecology club throughout this whole process! It’s been a lot of work, but a lot more fun getting this Green Map together. The pictures are of the brochure, the first is when it is closed, and the second reveals the tree fold-out and map information. We hope you will enjoy learning about our green! Thank you so much Wendy and all of Green Map Systems!

Here is the brochure in its closed form!

And here is the opened brochure!!!


– Dena Zapoluch and Jenna Giambalvo


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  1. Posted by Celine on December 17, 2010 at 9:15 pm

    I just wanted to share that this was a great idea that you guys contributed! The map is small, comfortable and interesting. It turned out looking extremely savvy and creative. It’s quite intriguing looking at it and realizing just how many different varieties of trees can be found on one school’s green. All in all, you guys did a truly impressive job!


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